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Q. Will you be doing lessons in customer's pools? 

A. We are only offering lessons at our location. We are committed to providing the highest quality lessons and we know we can best do that at our location, a fun, supportive learning environment.

Q. What age do you recommend starting swim lessons?

A. The earlier the better! Not only for kids to learn to swim, but to learn a respect for the water. Swim lessons teach them what they can or can't do in the water. As kids learn to walk, they tend to want to do the same thing in the water which means they would stay vertical in the water and sink. Lessons teach them to stay horizontal in the water, with their head down. This allows kids to be safer swimmers. The younger they start, the safer, happier, and more confident in the water!

Q. Why shouldn't swimmers eat two hours before lessons?

A. They are learning to swim which means they are learning to hold their breath too! As they are learning, they take in more air than they need. All that air builds up in their stomachs and will come out as a burp! If they’ve eaten recently food will come up with the burp!  

Q. What should I expect on the first lesson?

A. During the first lesson, we ask that you stay out of sight until we signal you over. Out of sight, out of mind is always best. This will allow your child to build a relationship with their teacher. There will be tears. It’s not that your child doesn’t like the water, they want to do things under their terms (Just like when they don’t want to eat dinner or take a bath).

Q. When can I take my child swimming?

A. Please don’t work with your child until their teacher says they are ready. We will ask you to get in during the last lesson so we can transfer the swimming authority and show you how to continue to work with your child.

Q. Should I put my child in a life jacket or water wings when swimming?

A. Water wings and life jackets are disruptive to the safe swimming process. When we swim we are horizontal, these keep kids vertical in the water. When they take them off, they stay vertical which means they go straight down. This causes anxiety and fear in the pool. 

Q. Should I bring goggles?

A. No, kids see other kids wearing them and might want to wear goggles. But, they are counterproductive. When they take the goggles off, they will close their eyes in the water which makes it impossible to see where they are going or get to a safe place. This also causes unnecessary anxiety and fear.

Q. Will lessons take place if it is raining?

A. Lessons will always take place, even if it is raining, unless you receive an email specifically stating lessons have been cancelled due to weather conditions. 

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