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  • You will have 2 business days, after a schedule is emailed, to accept, make changes as needed, and make your remaining payment. 

  • After two business days, your schedule may be removed to accommodate other swimmers. 

  • After confirming your schedule, you will receive an emailed invoice where you can pay the remaining balance for swim lesson appointments online. Your schedule is confirmed as soon as we receive your payment.  

  • The deposit is non-refundable. We will refund ONLY in the event we cannot accommodate your schedule. 

  • Once a schedule is accepted and payment received, we cannot move, reschedule, or refund lesson appointments for any reason. 

  • Swell Swim School operates at full capacity. It is imperative that we provide the highest quality of attention and instruction to each of our swimmers. In order to ensure proper instructor scheduling we are not able to accommodate makeup lesson appointments for any reason. These reasons include but are not limited to illness (including covid), vacations, unforeseen family emergencies, etc. You are welcome to add additional lessons at any time. 

  • We do our absolute best to uphold swimmers' schedules. In the event of inclement weather or other unforeseeable circumstances, we may need to reschedule, change teachers, or refund affected lesson appointments. 

  • While we strive to capture underwater pictures, please understand that underwater pictures cannot be guaranteed. Our foremost focus is always on ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. 

  • We expect everyone at Swell (parents, swimmers, teachers, etc) to treat each other with respect and kindness in all interactions


  • Please do not feed your child within 2 hours before the lesson. This is to prevent your child from having tummy aches & food come up with a burp. 

  • Only reusable swim diapers allowed. For best results, layer a disposable swim diaper inside the reusable swim diaper for easy clean up.  

  • We may ask you to stay out of your child’s view for the first lesson so your child can relate and bond to their teacher on a one-on-one basis, building trust, confidence, and love. 

  • The best way to contribute to your child’s swim lessons is by being positive and giving lots of praise! Even if there are tears, talk about swim lessons in a positive way and be excited about progress!

  • We highly recommend staying away from floating devices (puddle jumpers, floaties, life jackets) and goggles in the pool as they can reverse progress and create a false sense of security.

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