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About Us 

At Swell Swim School, we believe swimming is a life skill that can build confidence, elicit joy, and, most importantly, save a life. We are proudly continuing the most effective swim method in the world, which is based on structure, high expectations, and LOTS of love! This method is the quickest and most effective at getting swimmers safe and happy in the water. We believe in a no nonsense approach to getting our swimmers safe in the water. All our swimmers are truly swimming on the first lesson, not sitting on the step, blowing bubbles, or warming up to the idea of swimming. Each swimmer is holding their breath underwater and learning to propel themselves to get to a safe place in the pool as soon as lessons start. We know we don't have any time to waste because swimming is a skill that can save a life. Our, highly trained, instructors are passionate about their work and tailor every lesson to each individual swimmer to build skills and confidence. The definition of swell is to be intensely filled with an emotion. We want just that for our swimmers: to be intensely confident and happy. 

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